Best Online Bipolar Disorder Online Support Groups Part 1

In this 7 part series we are going to list off the best groups for online support that you can visit and take advantage of their great sites. We will be looking at Variey, Live Chat, Scheduled group meetings, Personal growth, Education, Intuitive site and of course, best overall.

Part 1 we are going to look at Live Chat and have chosen 7 Cups.

7 Cups is a unique platform that offers therapeutic services through continuous support, advice, and counseling from over 180 licensed professional therapists.

What sets this website apart from other online therapy platforms is its provision of free assistance from over 300,000 trained volunteer listeners. The platform is also accessible as a mobile app, ensuring you never miss a message.

7 Cups has fostered a community of understanding individuals. It offers chat rooms and forums where you can find support and friendship from people grappling with similar issues, such as bipolar disorder. These group support sessions allow you to seek help and share your own insights and experiences to assist others dealing with bipolar disorder.

Self-proclaimed as “The World’s Largest Emotional Support System,” 7 Cups has reportedly assisted over 25 million people globally dealing with various emotional distresses. It provides a secure space for those struggling with bipolar disorder to receive support, share their stories and challenges, and connect with others who can relate or are seeking to learn more.

The platform invites you to participate in the online forums and introduce yourself. You can check in daily to share your journey or simply express your feelings. There are numerous specific forums like Bipolar Management, Bipolar Support, and Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Psychosis Support that could be beneficial. They even host a weekly support session named Bipolar Support Room.

While their forums are not overseen by a licensed mental health professional, they do offer online counseling services for approximately $150 per month if you wish to consult with a therapist. This online therapy service allows you to send unlimited messages to your therapist.

Additionally, you can converse with a volunteer listener at no cost who is available round-the-clock to provide emotional support via online chat. Unlike the therapy services (which are restricted to adults), listener support is accessible for anyone aged 13 and above.

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