Separating My Emotions from Bipolar Emotions — How Do I Know Which Is Which?

This great article from Natasha Tracy gives great insight into one person’s personal journey with bipolar disorder.

The article discusses the complex task of distinguishing between emotions that are a result of bipolar disorder and those that are genuine.

Bipolar emotions are defined in the article as emotions that are a result of bipolar disorder. They tend to be very strong, unrealistic, and disproportionate to the given situation. They also tend to come from and be congruent with specific mood episodes. For example, feeling sad when you’re in a depression even if everything in your life might be great, or feeling grandiose when you’re hypomanic or manic.

On the other hand, genuine emotions are what one feels as they move through life, and that isn’t driven by bipolar disorder. The challenge lies in identifying and separating these two types of emotions as they often get mixed together.

The article emphasizes the importance of this separation as it allows one to act on their emotions in an appropriate way and not lash out at the people around them. It’s about determining what the actual emotion is and what the reasonable action is to take.

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