Our Efforts / Plan

BC Ministry of Health is authorised to help but not enough funding has been provided.

Not enough specific Doctors trained for bi-polar.

Bi-Polar mood disorder is a family problem, and all the family needs to be informed and have counselling.

Privacy laws can hinder practitioners from involving the family. We would like to try and change that law.

Human rights laws are in place that hinder proper help when suicide is attempted. Another law we would like to bring awareness to.

What the Foundation can do

Dakota foundation will create awareness, create a community hub to inform individuals, families and the community in what is bipolar and what information and services are available in the Okanagan. Information and availability of services will be available on our website Sept 20th, 2022

Our Foundation has already established a relationship with The International Bi-Polar Foundation

For support many areas such as written material and website links.

Dakota foundation will identify and establish relationships with service providers and provide funding support to those that meet our criteria We have already established a partnership with a few organizations already, such as Canadian Mental Health Association and their new Foundry program . These programs help with early detection and counselling for the individual and their families. Our foundation will continue to search for new organizations that also supply help for the mentally ill (Bi-Polar).

It is estimated that 70 % of homeless have some form of mental illness including Bi-Polar Mood Disorder so with one of our Partners Ibev Packaging ltd we have been providing hot meals for 50 to 60 people twice a week at the Richter Homeless Shelters in the Okanagan.

The Ask.

We are looking for private donations, corporate donations, and business support over multiple (5) years

All donations are welcome. We are already funding many items and with more funding we can

Help many more families.